Apple is launching daily news podcast

Apple is releasing its own news podcast and joins the daily podcast trend.

Apple is releasing its own daily podcast. The company announced about the audio stories coming to Apple News and curated local Apple News collections in the show and iOS 13.6 as well. The show Apple News Today will be facilitated by Apple News editors Duarte Geraldino and Shumita Basu. In this show, New scenes will be seven to eight minutes in length and will come from Monday through Friday. The show will accessible through Apple Podcasts and Apple News in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada.

Moreover, through Apple News Plus, Apple will launch 20 sound stories a week those will be voiced by professional actors. The sound stories also will be described long-form pieces published by enormous name outlets such as GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, and New York magazine. The access will be available for only Apple News Plus subscribers. Both Apple News Today and stories are available at the audio tab to appear at the News app’s bottom. CarPlay will likewise support the audio features where means individuals can hear them out as they drive.

Apple says that in non-audio news, its releasing curated local news in Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Bay Area New York. Every one of these will highlight a significant newspaper in the zone where the local community news coverage will also be included. An Apple News Plus subscription in the US also now incorporates access to the Idaho Statesman, The Kansas City Star, the Miami HeraldThe Charlotte Observer, The State, and The News & Observer. Also, in Canada, The Globe and Mail, as well as  Le Devoir will be included in the Apple News Plus subscription.

Apple News Today is the biggest news that is the first major foray of Apple into the podcast production being the everyday news format. As of recently, Apple has been the true substance of podcasting’s open ecosystem, especially when we compare to Spotify. It might be the beginning of earnest jump of Apple into podcasting  

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